Temporary Walls Are a Fantastic Choice for Many Apartment Dwellers

If you’re living in an apartment because you can’t afford or don’t want to rent a house, you likely have a smaller dwelling to reside in. While this may be a way to save money and give you more freedom from yard work, you may have to sacrifice in space. Thankfully, there are temporary walls that can transform your apartment into more space.

If you need an extra bedroom because a new little one is on the way, you may not be able to afford to move to a larger dwelling just yet. Temporary walls can provide you some more room so that everyone has their own space.

Custom temporary walls in NYC apartment - L shape configuration

If you want an office at home but don’t have a private space, you can use a pressurized wall to give you that private space. There are many great reasons to use temporary wall systems. They will vary according to your personal needs.

You’ll find many regulations for buildings and you may have to discuss this with the management prior to installing temporary apartment walls. That will save you a lot of hassle down the road should the manager need to enter your unit. Always get the permission in writing so that you’ll have it if management changes or if there are any questions. Include detail that the temporary walls will be removed when you move out as well.

L Shape temporary wall in NYC apartment

Pressurized walls are ideal to gain privacy in your new space. They don’t require any hardware and they are easy to install. They are held in their space with a pressure that is toward the floor and ceiling. In a few areas, these aren’t legal however in most, the building codes do allow for it.

Custom temporary bookcase walls in NYC apartment

** All photos courtesy of Wall 2 Wall NY company

These partial walls are ideal for anyone who can’t use a pressurized wall. They reach to approximately a foot beneath a ceiling so that taller persons can actually see over them. However, they still require no hardware. They don’t have a door however and this may present a few challenges.

Thankfully, there are several ways to create the cover for the area and a door. You can use curtains, window treatments and the like. Even a blanket or sheet will suffice (though it may not look as nice).

You can also use them as bookshelf walls and have additional storage space. This can be vital in smaller sized areas and apartments. Shelves can face one or both directions depending upon the unit that is purchased.

There are many great creative solutions for your specific living situation. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to solve your spacial problems. Once you have the wall installed you can sit back and enjoy more privacy and more freedom than before you had them installed. Since they are removable you’re free to change them around at any time and design and designate your own space. More and more apartment units are allowing such modifications as long as the walls don’t damage existing walls and are completely removable. This can allow you to live in a smaller dwelling for longer if you’re trying to save money.

Allen Weinstein – It Is Not Circumstances That Shapes Our Minds

I recently started following Allen Weinstein’s Motivational Monday posts and I thought I would share today’s with you. The quote goes as follows, “It is not circumstances that shapes our minds, but our reaction to it.”

It Is Not Circumstances That Shapes Our Minds, But Our Reaction To It - Allen Weinstein

How many times have you reacted to someone’s actions without thinking? For example, let’s say you are walking in the street and someone who happens to be in a hurry pushes (possibly by accident) and they don’t even stop to apologize. Depending on the mood you happen to be in (or simply your type of personality), you might let you anger emotions control your reaction and do something that simply is going to lead to a possible argument, a fight, and added stress. Is it really worth it?

Here’s what Allen has to say on this topic…

In case you are not familiar with who Allen Weinstein is, he is a self-made multi-millionaire who faced much adversity in his life. He is learning disabled and has dyslexia which made his school years extremely difficult. As a matter of fact, Allen was not even able to read until he was 13 years old. He is a great inspiration because he is living proof that nothing is impossible. If you can go from not being able to read until you are a teenager to actually writing an amazing book, anything you set your mind to can become a reality.

Allen Weinstein’s book ‘Memoirs of a Learning Disabled Dyslexic Multi-Millionaire‘ is available at all major book retailers.

You can also listen to recordings of “Let’s Talk About Life,” Allen’s radio show he did on WOR Radio, here: https://soundcloud.com/allen-weinstein


David Bowie – Lazarus (Official Music Video)

As we all know this morning most of us woke up to find out the horrible news about the passing of David Bowie due to his battle with cancer. It seems that David left us with an amazing parting gift with the releases of his music video to his single “Lazarus” which was officially released on Vevo just four days ago.

Truly a music icon that will be forever remembered and immortalized with his decades of amazing music. Rest in peace David Bowie 🙁

Enjoy the video.

Tesla Model X – My New Favorite SUV

Just a few days ago Elon Musk did the debut for the much anticipated Tesla Model X. All I can say is that I think I am in love! The features on this car are simply incredible.

If you are a car aficionado, I highly recommend you take 30 minutes to watch Elon go over everything that the Model X has. Tesla does it again! Your jaw will drop to the floor I promise 🙂

The Lexus Hoverboard is Here!

I remember seeing Back To The Future II over 25 years ago and I must admit that at that time I thought hoverboards were going to be the norm in 20 years. Well guess it took a little longer, but it is finally happening! Take a look at the video that Lexus just released showing their new toy (called the SLIDE) in action…

My Love For House Music

Through my travels in Europe I made some great friends that introduced me to house music. I had always been more of a pop/ rock kind of gal, but I must admit that I was pretty much hooked on it from the first moment I was formally introduced to it. I’m not so much into the “EDM” style that these new kids are raving to at huge festivals, but more into the deeper sounds. One of my favorite labels is Defected Records. Not only are they a great outlet of awesome music, but they are more of a lifestyle brand. Love everything about them!

Here’s a taste of the Defected sound:

Hope you enjoy the mix. Crank your speakers and get down to some quality house music!

Virginia Cop Pepper-sprays Stroke Victim

Out of all my years of driving on the road, I have definitely encountered several incidents where people have been in need of help (ie. heart attacks, strokes, etc) while driving. This is the perfect example of one of those scenarios and these cops go at it all wrong. Hope this gentleman is well.

For more info about driving when you have had a stroke click here: http://www.nhtsa.gov/People/injury/olddrive/Stroke/index.html